High Quality and Exceptional Service has been the calling card throughout the long history of Independent Protection Company.  It has led to IPC being the oldest continually operated lightning protection manufacturer in the nation.

The Cripe Lightning Rod Company, a predecessor company, was founded in the mid-1920’s by Henry H. Cripe and his sons.  The company manufactured, installed, and serviced lightning protection systems and began operations out of a barn located on the company’s present facilities in Goshen, Indiana.

In 1934 during the Great Depression, son Earnest C. Cripe established Independent Protection Co., Inc. in Goshen, Indiana to manufacture and install lightning protection systems. Independent Protection Co. continues to be a leading manufacturer of structural lightning protection for industrial, commercial, residential, historical buildings and trees.

Today, the fourth and fifth generations of the Cripe family are actively involved in the business. Rob Cripe, is currently Corporate President and CEO.  Evan Cripe and Erica Menzie fill day-to-day duties in sales, operations and HR responsibilities. 

Thank you for your interest in the Independent Protection Company and the lightning protection system products that IPC manufactures.  Feel free to contact IPC for all of your lightning protection needs.