What is Lightning?

Lightning is a static charge that is spontaneously created in thunderstorms. As the thunderheads roll, their friction and movement causes the formation of both positive and negatively charged electrons that begin to build and accumulate. The negative charges tend to accumulate in the lower portion of the thunderhead. This causes a natural attraction with positive electrons that are naturally present in “Mother Earth”.

The only thing keeping these opposite charges apart is the dry air that exists between earth and clouds. As rain begins to fall the dry air is broken down. The opposite charges now have a conduit or media to flow thus resulting in lightning. One lightning strike results in the oscillation exchange of positive and negatively charged electrons. This exchange occurs in a fraction of a second and many times throughout the life one thunderhead.

Even with all of the current technology and scientific advancements, lightning remains an act of God and something that no one can predict, control or eliminate. However, with a properly installed system, you are creating a safe pathway that allows lightning strikes to travel safely to ground, without harm and without damage.

Lightning is seeking the best path to ground. A lightning protection system will not deter a strike nor will attract a
strike. If lightning finds a lightning protected structure, the system will become the carrier and divert the strike to

Description of a Lightning Protection System

Some people believe a lightning protection system is a lightning rod. Actually, a lightning protection system is a
combination of many different components that are all interconnected to make a common system. There are air
terminals (lightning rods), conductor cable, bases, connectors, ground rods, bonds to utility services and surge
equipment for incoming electric, telephone and CATV. The above parts and description encompass what we
refer to as a lightning protection system. Lightning protection equipment is not a glamorous or stylish type of product.

The more important factor to consider is the function of the system. The quality parts we manufacture are tough enough to handle those powerful strikes over and over again with no problem.

Why Consider Providing Lightning Protection Installation Services?

Consider these major points:

  • Limited Competition.
  • Provides Additional Sales Revenue.
  • Utilize Existing Equipment, Tools, and Manpower.
  • Unlimited Opportunities For Consideration.
  • Minimal Investment Required.
  • Fast Turnover of Cash and Inventory.

IPC Engineering Support Services:

  • LPI Certified Staff
  • Assist With System Designs
  • Engineering Support
  • Parts Selection
  • Consultation
  • Installation Assistance
  • AutoCAD Submittal Drawings
  • Provide Leads On Commercial Projects
  • Dodge Program

Sales & Marketing Services:

  • Copper and Aluminum Parts
  • Surge Equipment
  • Grounding Equipment
  • Exothermic Equipment
  • Marketing and Sales Assistance
  • Refer Phone/Web Inquiries To You
  • Provide Marketing Materials

Nationally Recognized Standards of Installation:

  • Lightning Protection Institute 175
  • National Fire Protection Association 780
  • Underwriters Laboratories 96A

The next move is up to you. Since lightning is here to stay, why not capitalize on an opportunity to solve some real problems? Add on to your existing business, start slow and expand cautiously. You can create more sales opportunities and provide a service with unlimited potential. Don’t wait any longer. Just contact us. By phone, fax or email, we are here for you! We look forward to hearing from you so we can help you discover more about this unique sales opportunity.