Protection for Trees

Tree Lightning Protection Systems – Since IPC’s beginning, we have always assisted arborists and tree care companies in TLPS (Tree Lightning Protection Systems) Once installed a TLPS will protect and preserve beautiful and picturesque trees fora very long time.

One of the major services we offer arborists is preliminary material estimates for the equipment required tree installations. Once you provide some key information to IPC, we will input the data and establish the amount of cable, air terminals, tree drives and other equipment to properly protect the tree(s) in question. It takes the guesswork out on your part.

IPC utilizes the TCIA endorsed ANSI A300 Pt. 4 Tree Standards as the basis for TLPS. In addition, ISA has published its Best Management Practices publication entitled Tree Lightning Protection Systems. For purchase of these documents, feel free to contact ISA or TCIA.

See the tabs below for more information about providing this service and start offering the service today! Another consideration for your tree care company.  Because TLPS is so specialized, you will likely provide an additional service that your competition doesn’t provide or may not even know about. 

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